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Petzl South Downs 100


So last Saturday I got up at around 3:30am and got my dad to drive me to the start line in Winchester. The weather was fine and dry, with only a little rainfall the previous night. At the start line I had my compulsory gear check and got ready to start. The klaxon started us [...]

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Clarks Summer Feet


So I have already blogged about the state of my feet due to running but I thought I would mention it again as Clarks Shoes have launched a campaign to get ladies baring their feet ready for summer. I am sure there are thousands of runners around the globe who dread summer and the return [...]

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Epic 15km swim


I used to do this swim all the time but as I have to mix it up with running and cycling I have only done this set twice so far this year. It is incredibly tough and takes over four hours but it really kicks you into shape and is brilliant for getting you psychologically [...]

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Big training weekend


This weekend I hope to do a massive amount of training. Basically, to my event this summer I need to be able to run a long way and then be able to get in very cold water despite the fact that my body will be depleted. After running 87 miles it will be very hard [...]

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My fitness bucket list


There are so many things that lots of us would love to do if we were blessed with bigger muscles, smarter brains or better looks. Like, I wouldn’t say no to a £100,000 pay check for walking down a runway; but alas, I was not given the body or the face to do that. But [...]

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North London Tough Mudder 2013


On Saturday morning myself and my friend Fiona set off to Kettering to take part in this mother of all challenges. We were well aware that it was going to be quite hard but had no real idea what was involved. The drive was pretty long and there was torrential rain as we made our [...]

Guildford 24 hour swim

Well, the day is over and I did not complete the entire 24 hours but I did half of it and felt fit enough to have carried on but I had a meeting to get to the following day and it was due to get very cold over night. The thing with training at the [...]

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Getting nervous about tomorrow


The 2swim4life event held at Guildford Lido is upon us. The dreaded day is tomorrow and the nerves are starting to set in. The weather has been fantastic for the past three days but the forecast is looking pretty bleak for tomorrow as the temperature is looking to dip by about 8 degrees and there [...]

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Still soooooooo cold


Normally by the middle of April I have a couple of hours open water swimming under my belt but this year I have done zilsch. It is still absolutely freezing and the snow only stopped falling about a week or two ago. Still, this wouldn’t be too much of problem as I have until July [...]

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Free Weights……They’re not that scary!


So I have breezed past the free weights area at the gym for several years now, never quite feeling like I would be allowed to go in there. The huge guys with bulging muscles, lifting unbelieveably heavy weights always made me feel exceptionally inferior. But, I really, really want to get a bikini body after [...]


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